Mysterious 13th edition Agile Open Holland

Dear friends!

Once upon a time on Friday 21st of September 2018 we will meet each other at the 13th Agile Open Holland event in Lunteren with a hope to have a rich and satisfying day.

Agile Open Holland is a recurrent Open Space event which means that you are a participant and you are also a speaker, and once you’ve bought the tickets (here) you can’t avoid your serving of creative ideas, hands-on workshops, fruitful discussions and amazing new people.

On Friday we start at 09:00 and continue till 17:00, followed by drinks for everybody till 18:00. When you choose to include a fine diner,  we keep you busy till 20:30.

On Thursday night we start with diner at 18:00 en start gaming as soon as everybody is ready. The night lasts till late, especially for those who stay.

Worst of all this year event has a specific topic. Guess what? It’s all about centaurs! Or sphinxes. Or griffins. Close your eyes (wait, then you can’t read this text, okay, keep your eyes open) and imagine a harmonious mixture of IT and business – that’s what all our event is about. Mysterious, eh?

  • If you want to know more – continue reading here, in a series of short blog-posts we are describing our event in less 13th-style way.
  • If you are already curious – buy your ticket here and share with friends using tags #agileopen #holland #aoh2018
  • If you want to sponsor the event – buy your ticket here and be ready to send two representatives.

Book a spot in your calendar and see you soon!


Harry and Stani

If you are an active agile practitioner

please come and share your knowledge

If you have nothing to do with Agile

please come, we’ll figure it out together

If you are a starter

please come and learn together

if you are interested in serious games

please come and game with us

If you are new in the Netherlands

take your chance to build a network

If you are representing Business side

come and chat with coaches and other business folks about agile way of working

Although it’s a non-profit event we still ask for a small fee for lots of fun, knowledge, networking and practice during this long-long day at the Lunterense Boer.

It all will happen with your engagement as we keep it an open space event.

Friday Open Space

Ticket without Dinner on Friday
€ 65

Whole day Open Space
Coffee and Tea

Friday Open Space

Ticket including Dinner on Friday.
€ 95

 Whole Day Open Space
Coffee and Tea

Lovely Dinner

Extended Ticket

Extra Diner, Games and Hotel Room on Thursday Evening
€ 180

As last year, extend your open space day on Friday with a game night on the evening before the open space day. Including dinner on Thursday, hotel room, breakfast at the venue and dinner on Friday.

Sponsor Package

Including two Tickets with Diner
€ 450

Sponsors of this event help keeping the prices low for the participants. A sponsor ticket includes 2 tickets (Friday) with dinner, advertisement on Eventbrite and and good press and applause during the event.

We can keep our prices low thanks to our wonderful sponsors!