Agile Open Holland 2023 was cancelled

Dear Agile Open Holland fans.

The organisers just decided that we are going to cancel Agile Open Holland …

Maybe it’s because we started too late preparing (which most definitely is an important factor) but maybe it’s also not the event the Dutch Agile community is willing to attend anymore.

We are not quite sure, so if you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

For now we will make sure the tickets are being refunded and everybody is informed.

It was a pleasure organising the past editions, and we will certainly meet you at other events!

Cheers, The Agile Open Holland Organisers,

Harry, Lisette and Nancy

Agile Open Holland 2023

Game Night - September 21th

Open Space - September 22th

If you are an active agile practitioner

please come and share your knowledge and experience

If you are a new agile starter

please  come and start your leaning journey with us

If you are new in the Netherlands

please take your chance to build a valuable network

If you have nothing to do with agile

please come, we’ll figure it out together

If you are interested in serious games

please come, play games with us and find games you can use in your work

If you are representing the business

please come and chat with coaches and other business folks about the agile way of working

The Agile Open Holland 2023 Game Night and Whole Day Open Space

Event Organizers